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Occupational health and safety

We are an occupational health service with a team of specialist occupational health nurses/advisers and physicians.  We have over 40 years’ experience in providing advice and support to both you and your manager to ensure your fitness for work, that your working environment is safe, and to maintain and improve your health at work.

We work in collaboration with counsellors and physiotherapists, as well as offering a range of many other services.

The range of services available includes:

  • Sickness absence advice
  • Pre-placement health screening
  • Assessment of fitness to work after an illness or injury
  • Confidential counselling
  • Advice on work-related health problems
  • Management of occupational exposures to blood and body fluids
  • Staff physiotherapy service
  • Workplace and display screen equipment advice
  • Night worker assessments for external companies
  • Skin assessment
  • Needle stick injury advice and screening

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